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Employee Wellness Evaluation

Norman G. Hoffmann, Ph.D.


  • Quick screen for alcohol dependence/ abuse, depression and stress
  • Suppressed anger scale
  • Identify job related conflicts
  • Document prevalences and track trends

The EWE is a general screen for some of the more common behavioral and emotional problems. It also serves to identify some job-related issues. The EWE contains scales to assess risk for alcohol abuse, depression, excess stress, suppressed anger, dissatisfaction with management/supervisors, family-job stress/conflict, poor morale, or dissatisfaction with life in general.

APPLICATIONS: The EWE is normed on employee populations and identifies those whose responses place them in the upper ranges of problems as compared to other employees. The screen can be used in Employee Assistance or other human resources applications to screen and provide feedback to individuals or to estimate the relative prevalence of problems in a given workforce.

Evince Clinical Assessments provides consultation and evaluation services based on the EWE. Standard evaluation services include analyses of data generated by the EWE and related information, production of a formal report, and consultation with EAP staff and/or management. These services are available to EAPís in private sector organizations as well as government agencies. 

TIME REQUIREMENTS: About 10 to 15 minutes must be allowed for the respondent to answer the items as a pencil-and-paper questionnaire. Scoring is a clerical task requiring 2 to 5 minutes.

SCORING AND INTERPRETATION: The EWE can be scored by any staff person, but feedback to individuals, interpretation of the findings, or other clinical uses should be conducted only by a qualified, licensed professional. The manual and supporting materials for the EWE provide instructions for use, normative information, and statistical summaries on employees and their dependents.

STATISTICAL ANALYSES AND CONSULTATIONS: Organizations and programs may wish to use the EWE to document prevalence indications in a given employee population, make comparisons between groups, or analyze the associations among various risk factors. Analyses and consultations including formal reports can be provided on a contractual basis.

COPYRIGHT: The EWE is copyrighted by Norman G. Hoffmann and may not be adapted or photocopied. To do so is a violation of copyright law and constitutes unprofessional conduct.

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