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Job and Vocational Attitude Assessment Questionnaire and Interview

Norman G. Hoffmann, Ph.D.


  • Consistent return-to-work assessment
  • Assess suitability of the recovery plan
  • Check for resolution of anger issues
  • Evaluate family and social support
  • Uniform documentation of findings

Purpose: The JAVAA-Q (questionnaire) and JAVAA-I (interview) are designed to provide a consistent assessment for evaluating employees' work readiness following a positive test for alcohol or other drugs, after an incident involving substances, or upon completion of treatment for alcohol and other drug addictions. 

The JAVAA-Q is a 75-item multiple-choice questionnaire to be completed by the employee. Most clients can complete the form in 20 minutes. Scoring takes about 5 minutes. The JAVAA-Q can be completed before the interview with the counselor.

The JAVAA-I is a semi-structured interview, which allows for recording both open-ended client responses and clinician ratings of key elements in the evaluation process. The interview can be completed in about 30 minutes.

Both the questionnaire and interview cover:

         insight into the substance-related problem

         adequacy of a recovery plan

         the status or recognition from the job

         attitudes about the job

         relationships with coworkers

         desire to return to work

         emotional well-being

         anger resolution

         perceived support for recovery

Scoring and Interpretation: A scoring template facilitates scoring of the JAVAA-Q. Interpretation of findings should be done in the context of a return-to-work interview conducted by a trained professional. The JAVAA-I provides a general rating of each of the interview dimensions. Use of both the interview and questionnaire provides a means of comparing the consistency of reporting by the employee. JAVAA summary forms document the findings for the initial assessment, treatment outcome, and final case disposition.

JAVAA Guide JAVAA-G Contact The Change Companies toll-free at 888-889-8866.
JAVAA Questionnaire forms (30) JAVAA-Q 
JAVAA Interview forms (30)  JAVAA-I
JAVAA Assessment summary forms (30)  JAVAA-AS 
JAVAA Treatment summary forms (30)  JAVAA-TS
JAVAA Disposition summary forms (30) JAVAA-DS
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